Saturday, September 11, 2010

Server rack (from 2009)

Back in 2005 I decided to build a rack out of garage door tracks that my father-in-law had found and stored in his garage. That rack worked beautifully for a while but when I moved in my new house the 'server room' was much smaller and it was obvious to me that the rack was not doing a good job of muffling any noise or fitting properly in the room. So I decided to build a new rack. I fired up Google Sketchup and came up with this:
Once I was satisified with the design I started building it. Here are the materials:
And now they're all cut to length:
I started putting the rack together. First the corner:
And now the leg:
A couple of hours later, the frame is complete:
I decided to paint the rack black. I also purchased the rails (the set for a rack that is 23U tall were about $100) and installed them. Here you see the rails and the bottom drawer that will host the UPS and a tower computer that I have for hosting UT2004 games ;)
After about an hour, all the equipment went in the rack:
And the ever necessary, LED-showing-in-the-dark:

The rack turned out to be extremely sturdy even without the servers in it. The original goal of building something that was more compact and possibly able to muffle more noise was also achieved.

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