Sunday, September 12, 2010

Star Trek Audio Rack (January 2010)

One day I walked in my workshop and saw several pieces of MDF laying around from a project that never really needed them. So I decided to do something about it instead of letting them collect dust. After an hour, here's what I came up with:

It also features casters, a set that was sitting in my tool case from a server I took apart a long time ago:

Then I painted it and drilled holes for the shelve mounts. Sorry for the quality of the pic, too much MDF dust in the workshop even after I cleaned it 3 times:

Then it was time to put together the front border. I was inspired by the Star Trek TV series and built a frame that has rounded corners and matches the color scheme of my favorite show.

Here is the frame mounted on the audio rack.
And I also painted the glossy silver color. It definitely brings out the black color
Here's the audio rack next to my TV and with my PS3 installed.
Of course I wasn't done with it. Here's what I'm planning to install.
Here are the vertical, 12" CCFLs mounted.
Here's the whole rack finished and with the CCFLs on. The vertical CCFLs don't show too much because of the surrounding light.
And a close up of the Star Trek spaceship/Bluray holder from the 2009 movie, collector's edition.

Since I took the pictures, I have moved my computer in the rack and also bought a home theater receiver that rests on the first shelf. The rack is doing its job superbly and the CCFLs have been plugged in to a remote controlled outlet so I can turn them on and off remotely. I'm very happy with this project.

Star Trek is copyrighted and owned by its proper owner.

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